God & Sinner Reconciled

This advent season we will be focusing on the reconciliation that Jesus brought between God and mankind. What does it mean to be reconciled to God? Not only has Jesus reconciled us to God, he has also brought reconciliation in human relationships. This reconciliation is powerful and sweet, but it came at great cost. Jesus was born that he might die for our reconciliation with God.

When Darkness Falls

“When Darkness Falls” is a 3 weeks series on mental and emotional health. The three weeks will deal with removing the stigma of mental/emotional health, centering us on Christ in the darkness, and our great hope being that Jesus will never leave or forsake us. The season we as a country are entering in is going to be dark. The winter season is hard enough on it’s own, but post election, covid rising, holidays, deaths, etc. it’s going to be darker than many have ever experienced.


James is one of those in your face books of the bible. James, the brother of Jesus, writes to the Church about a range of topics, such as enduring trials, hearing and doing, not showing favoritism, faith and works, taming our tongues, rich and poor, and more. James essentially teach us how we as Christians are to live according to our faith in Christ. Our faith in Christ is not passive, but active. Simply put, faith works. We don’t work for salvation, rather we work from salvation. We are saved by faith in Christ alone, so that we can work by faith in Christ alone. James primary aim is our wholeness in Christ Jesus. Join us for this 11 week series looking at what it means to become whole in Jesus Christ alone.

Anniversary Sunday Sermons

​These are annual sermons in celebration of each year that Redeemer Church has been gathering in Stillwater, OK.

Healthy Church

This is a 6 week series in the book of Titus. We will be looking at what makes for a healthy church. We do not merely desire to be a “church” for church sake, but a healthy Church that exists for the glory of God. This series will look at the importance of gospel centrality, healthy leadership, healthy relationships, transformed lives, and living on mission and in community with one another. The good news of Jesus Christ creates, sustains, strengthens, and multiples the Church.

Waiting On God

This is a 4 week series in the book of Habakkuk. Habakkuk is a prophet sent by God to speak out against Judah. He has two major complaints to God, and God answers in ways he was not expecting nor did he like. This book is full of waiting, groaning, longing, anger, and hope. Waiting on the Lord is hard, and it even harder in the dark. We do not like waiting on God for justice, like Habakkuk, or do we like waiting on God for anything else. It’s hard in its own right, but even harder in a culture of immediacy. We believe we are in a time of waiting on God right now. We have more questions than answers, and the answer we do get we don’t like. How are we to wait in the dark? By trusting Jesus alone, the One who is light!


There are many calls in the New Testament to persevere in the Christian life for the sake of Christ. We must be encouraged to continue following Jesus with intentional effort because internal struggles and sinful desires, and external trials, pressures, and persecutions tempt us to turn away from Him. But it is always for God's glory and our joy in Christ to persevere in the faith.

Everything Sad Will Come Untrue

This series is driven by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will spend 6 weeks looking at how Jesus rose victorious over death, Satan, sin, and suffering. Because of Jesus’ resurrection, we who trust in Jesus have a confident hope that soon all these sad things will come untrue. Jesus’ resurrection didn’t just point to a future resurrection and life in heaven, but to a whole new creation. We will see how Christ’s resurrection changes everything for us, and how we live by faith everyday in Jesus Christ.

3/15/2020 Facebook Live Service

Due to Covid-19, Redeemer Stillwater did not meet together in person on 3/15/2020. Instead, we gathered virtually to think about what our response should be to the threat of the virus in our city and to pray for our city.


Many people either overlook or simply do not know about the letters Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude in the New Testament. These brief letters have much to say, but are often missed. In this 6 week series, we will explore each of these letters. They speak to reconciliation and forgiveness, love and hospitality, and protection and perseverance. According to the Oxford dictionary, brief, as a noun, means “a concise statement or summary.” This word describes these letters well, as they are both short and concise.


What does it look like to be committed to the local church? This is a 6 week series focused on what it means to be committed specifically to Redeemer, but also to the local church in general. We will look more at why we value gospel, mission, and community, and how those values are primarily lived out together in gospel community. This series is about more than church attendance or participation. It is about being committed to Christ, to Christ’s body (the church), and to Christ’s mission in the world.

What's In A Name?

In this series, we will be looking at the origin, meaning and implications of the name of Jesus from an anthropological linguistic, cultural and historical viewpoint and also the application of the name of Jesus in our lives as Christians.

Joy To The World

Using the title of the popular Christmas worship song, this series will focus on Jesus’ first coming and our longing for his second coming with a focus on the nations. Today, over 3 billion people have never heard of the first coming of Jesus. They have little to no access to this good news. As the same time, many have heard of the first, trust Jesus, and are longing for his return. Psalm 67 repeats the phrase, “let the nations be glad”, and because of Jesus they can be. This series will be a call to embrace the global mission of God no matter where we are, and be willing to go wherever he may send us so that world may rejoice in Christ the King.


We will take 4 weeks to walk one chapter at a time through the book of Jonah. Jonah is about way more than running from God and a big fish. Jesus references Jonah in the New Testament. Jonah shows us a God who patiently pursues our great enemies to rescue them. Jonah shows us a God who calls us to his mission in the world, and exposes our hearts in regards to that call. As we focus on brokenness for our sin, we don’t just focus on the sins of commission (meaning the sins we commit), but the sins of omission, too (meaning sin from when God calls or commands us to do something and we don’t do it). This series will expose us and our broken view of God and his mission in the world. It will expose our self-centeredness, our ethnocentrism, and more. It will also reveal a God who is faithful, patient, who pursues the worst of us, and who is deeply concerned about those around us who want nothing to do with him.

Between Two Worlds

Peter addresses the church as exiles, sojourners, strangers in this world. As the Church we are in this world, yet not of it. We are between two worlds right now, and Peter writes to this exiled church on how we are to live as God’s people, his royal priesthood, his holy nation belonging to him. For too long the church has made itself comfortable in our country, but those days are drawing to an end. It is important that we know how to live as God’s people in this land. While we are not home yet, we have not been left alone to figure out how to live here and now. A life in Christ will be a life of suffering, but it will be a life of hope, too. The aim of this letter and series is to call us out from the world, to live on mission in a world not our own making much of Jesus personally and corporately as the church in all things.


This stand alone sermon communicates what we are hoping and praying for this year — brokenness for our sin. When we’re broken over our own sin, we will become more broken over the sin in our world, and thus we will cry out to God to bring his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and tell others this good news of Jesus’ love for them.

Costly Christianity

This series looks at Mark 8:34-38 and Luke 14:25-33 about denying ourselves, taking up our crosses, and following Jesus.

The Apostles' Creed

The two hopes in this series are for people to have a better knowledge of essential Christian teachings and beliefs, as well as find great hope in the fact that we’re part of something thousands of years old. This should encourage us as we live our lives because we know that many suffered and died proclaiming this message. It’s always been a threat and a stumbling block in our world, but the gospel is still good news today for us and the world.

Spiritual Discipline

1 Timothy 4:7-8 says, “Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present like and also for the life to come.” How do we train ourselves for godliness? Spiritual discipline. As we discipline ourselves for work, for health, etc., so we discipline ourselves spiritually. We do this through prayer, bible study, worship, fasting, giving, rest, and many other ways. Throughout each year we will take breaks from sermons series to spend a few weeks on different spiritual disciplines.

The Announcement

This will be a 3 part series beginning on Easter Sunday. The word gospel literally means “good message” or good news” or, better yet, “good announcement”. The title is to show that this is the one announcement that trumps all other announcements. This is the greatest announcement. We are going to look at how this announcement is a revealing of the story of the entire Bible, followed by the commission of Christ to go proclaim this announcement to all the world. Essentially, this is a 3 part series on the basics of the gospel of Christ.

Ecclesiastes: Beyond The Sun

This will be a 12 week series through the book of Ecclesiastes. This book is so important even today as it looks at all the pursuits of life (pleasure, wisdom, money, power, work, etc) to find meaning and all of it is meaningless. Solomon, the writer, consistently points to the fact that there is nothing new under the sun, and instead of being weary from worry and vain pursuits we should find our joy in God who has created all things and is sovereign over all things. To the one who fears God, he/she can truly enjoy all God has given us whether good or bad because God alone is enough for us. The aim of this book is to get us beyond the sun. To live for Christ, with hearts satisfied in Him alone. When Christ is central, then we can rightly enjoy the things in life without making them gods or saviors in our lives. The world has gone after these things as ultimate for satisfaction and life. Solomon has had it all, and warns that all these pursuits are vain pursuits. We all die and we all leave as we came — with nothing. To the ones who fear the Lord, they leave the same way, but there is life for them beyond the sun. Our hope is Christ alone!

Imago Dei

This two week series is focused on what it means to be made in the image of God. This comes around MLK day and Sanctity of life Sunday. I believe this will be an important three weeks of addressing how the gospel calls us to being pro-life from the womb to the tomb, and for all people everywhere no matter who they are or what they have done or what they look like. As believers, we do not subscribe to the world’s view on these issues. The Bible is clear as to how we are to view all image bearers.

Stand Alone Sermons

Sermons not a part of a greater series

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