Redeemer's Next 5 Years

In August of 2015, we began gathering people to help us plant Redeemer Church in Stillwater, OK. We had a team of 12 people, mostly from outside of Stillwater, that served as our initial leadership team. Over the first year, we grew to a little over 40 members, and close to 50 attending our Sunday night gatherings. Over our first summer of 2016, we realized we needed to reset somethings, and we essentially started over. 

Since the reset we have been a growing and healthy church. We quickly built up to 40 members by the end of 2016, and in October 2016 we became an official Acts 29 church plant. We began Sunday services in January of 2017, but did not move those to Sunday morning until we got to 50 members. In August of 2017, we officially launched Redeemer Stillwater! What that means, is that we had reached our goal of having Gospel Communities (we started with 3 of them), 50+ members, and a Sunday morning service. From this point, we have consistently grown each semester by about 5-10 adults on Sunday mornings. We have had a couple semesters where we've actually grown a bit more.


Today, we have 5 Gospel Communities, 75 members (though we have had 120 in all since 2015 -- college town reality!), and around 110 in attendance on Sunday mornings. Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed two get saved and baptized 9 people. One of the consistent things we hear from people is how much they have learned about the gospel of Jesus, how to apply it to their lives everyday, how their lives have been impacted by genuine, Christ-centered community, and how more and more they are living their lives on mission. The Lord is using Redeemer Church to change lives here in Stillwater, OK!

As we look to the next five years, we are really excited about where the Lord is leading us. While we had hoped to be at 100% internally supported by now and have a plurality of elders, we are not there. We knew planting in a college town that it may take longer than most to become financially self-supported. In light of this, we want to share our vision and hope for the next 5 years at Redeemer. Please read over these 5 hopes for 2025, and consider partnering with us below.

Plurality of Elders

Financially Stable

Established in the City

College Ministry

Youth Ministry


We are asking the Lord for partners in ministry for the next five years to see these hopes become a reality. We're asking partners to give $2025 by 2025. This can be a one time gift of $2025, an annual gift of $405 (Stillwater's area code wink, wink!) for the next five years, or a  monthly gift of $33.75 for the next five years. The $2025 is a total gift amount, not yearly. If you would like to partner with us, you can click the "Give to Redeemer" tab below and give right away, or you can click the "Submit a Pledge" tab and let us know how much and when you desire to begin your partnership with us. Thank you for your prayers and consideration, and we hope you will be part of Redeemer's next 5 years!

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