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After conversations with various leaders from our city, as well as leaders from our church, we’ve made the decision to cancel our in-person services through May 17th.  We will be utilizing technology to live stream our services.  More information on how to participate in those services will be posted as soon as we have that information.  Please follow our update pages by clicking on the "COVID-19" tab at the top of this site.  We will also be updating our site regularly with resources.  

Recommendations have also come out from the White House asking for no gatherings of 10 or more.  We are looking for options as to how we can continue to "gather" in safe ways.  We are evaluating live meetings on several different platforms for our Gospel Communities and for our Learning Cohorts and other classes.  Please bear with us as we work through these issues.

All of our Sunday services will be 100% online until at least Sunday, May 17th. This is in accordance with the CDC's guidelines of restricting gatherings of 50 or more for the next 8 weeks. Our services will still be at 10:30AM, and we will follow the flow of a normal service. We ask that you get dressed, grab some coffee, come as you would to a service at Will Rogers, and be ready to worship and learn together. You can join our Sunday service on YouTube or on our website. We will send links out on all out social media platforms. During this time of going online, we want to encourage you all to share those links on social media for others in our city to join us. This is a unique opportunity to invite others in who may never normally come to our physical gathering.

In light of the President's request to restrict gatherings up to 10 people, we are asking that if you decide to go to one another's houses to join together that you limit the number to less than 10. If you are high risk, have been around anyone who is sick or feel sick, please stay home! We need to use wisdom, keep social distances of 6 feet, wipe everything down, wash hands, avoid touching your mouth, nose, eyes. If you are not comfortable having people over or going somewhere, it is OK. We all need to extend a ton of grace and patience with one another during this time.

We know that some of you have chosen to give to Redeemer on Sunday mornings during the offering time. While we cannot offer this at this time, we wanted to encourage you to give another way during this time. You can make checks out to "Redeemer Stillwater" and mail to: 324 S. Husband St. #106, Stillwater, OK 74074. Or you can set up online giving on our website.

We are also taking up money for a benevolence fund to help provide financial help to those in our city who will have various needs arise during this time. If you would like to give to that, just go to our giving page and select "Benevolence" as your designation. All that money will go to those in need in our church and/or city!

For the next two weeks, we are suspending Gospel Communities due to the President's request to restrict gatherings of 10 or more over the next 15 days. After the two weeks, in conjunction with government leaders, we will re-evaluate this. In place of physical gatherings, we will be giving access to Google Hangouts to our GC Leaders to host times together online. These times will be important for us to communicate with one another, pray together, share what's going on and point one another to Jesus. Mark your calendar as you would if everything was normal. This is a great time be present with one another, while separate in some sense. 

This week all Learning Cohorts took a break because of Spring Break. Next week, they will resume as normal, however, they too will be online. Our Learning Cohort leaders will have access to Google Hangouts as well, and will send an invite to all in their cohorts. Again, you have this scheduled in your week anyway, so commit to show up and engage in the conversation. 

We will still hold our Personal Budget/Finance class with Ross McClure later this month. It will be done via Google Classroom or Google hangouts (TBD), and so if you would like to attend that class, we will make the information known via social media, email, Slack, etc. when that information becomes available.

We are also considering other classes at this time, as we have a unique opportunity here to do more online and with our schedules and jobs changing during this time. So be looking out for other classes that may be offered!

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