• Redeemer Stillwater

The Burden We All Carry

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

Let me share a story with you.

There was once a man named Jack who built a big, beautiful white house. He used the best materials, the best tools and gave careful attention to every part of the house. All who saw the house were amazed at its beauty. Each day from the moment he woke to the moment he laid himself to sleep he kept the house clean as could be. You see he lived in a place where it was often windy and rainy. It was a lot of hard, exhausting work to keep the house white as could be, but to him it was worth it to keep it up.

The first few months went by fairly easily. But months soon turned to years and years to decades, and the man began to feel the weight of keeping the house up more and more. He noticed that if he ever let his guard down people pointed out the flaws. However, when it was white as could be people praised the house. As time went on, he became more irritable and defensive to people’s comments. Those who appreciated the house were his friends, and those who said anything negative became enemies.

One day a man named John moved to the neighborhood, and built a house for himself. John’s house was bigger and whiter than Jack’s. People began to turn their praise to John’s house, and Jack began to f