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Keeping a Proper Perspective in Pain

Updated: May 29, 2018

This is part two of a three-part series on the nature of suffering and God’s discipline. Read part one here and part three here.

God’s Sovereignty Holds Sway in Suffering

Experiencing or observing trials and suffering can easily cause us to question God. We can think that He possesses some deficiency in goodness, power, or providence. This is especially true for God’s adopted children, who have received so much from Him in Christ and sometimes can’t quite reconcile that reality with their difficult experiences. Beyond questioning God’s goodness, omnipotence, and/or sovereignty in the face of suffering, some go as far as saying that it is impossible for an all-powerful and perfectly good God to exist at the same time as trials and suffering—that this is a contradiction. But not only is a contradiction not present, the Bible firmly upholds these characteristics of God as perfect and pervasive. God is all powerful (Gen. 1:1) and sovereign over everything that happens in the universe He created (Eph 1:11, Is 46:9-10, Ps 135:6, Job 42:2, Dan 4:35). He is perfectly good and loving (Ps 119:68; 136:1) and cannot deny who He is at the core of his being (2 Tim 2:13). Therefore, He cannot act toward us in any way other than perfectly good and loving. This is simply outside the realm of possibilities gi