• Redeemer Stillwater

It's Time to DTR

When I think of a DTR (define the relationship) conversation, I envision a little high school couple awkwardly sitting on a park bench watching the ducks waddle along as they attempt to discuss their future together (or not together). The girl is fiddling with her hands while the boy is staring off uneasily into the distance to avoid any unnecessary eye contact. I imagine the words, “so...um…” are uttered repeatedly throughout their discussion. It’s quite unpleasant and uncomfortable.

I recently had a DTR-type conversation with God, but it went differently than that of the poor couple at the park.

During our talk, God asked me to literally define “relationship.”

In all honesty, I haven’t ever really tried to do that. Relationship is just one of those words that I used and never realized I didn’t have a definition for until I was put on the spot. And when God put me on the spot, I didn’t have an answer.