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Introverted, Exposed, and at Peace

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

I was called out for being an introvert in a room full of people. To the extroverts out there, the irony may have made you chuckle, so you’re welcome. For the introverts out there, I’ll give you a minute to cringe, hyperventilate as you imagine yourself in the situation, then recover. Are you back with me? Ok, moving on. After the initial shock from the unwanted attention wore off, I mentally celebrated! Why? Well, let me explain.

Just a little background on myself: I have always preferred isolation. I grew up in a small town out in the country and really only met up with friends when it came time to play baseball (or practice baseball, or watch baseball). I really enjoyed baseball (and a few other team sports). These were probably the only times I sought out social interaction, because when you play baseball by yourself, your life boils down to a Kenny Rogers song, and no one wants that. I enjoyed riding horses and mules through back pastures to the BBQ place my dad and granddad owned. I enjoyed reading books, working outside, splitting wood, and jumping on a trampoline (until my cousin and I fell through it…). Basically, I enjoyed doing anything that I could do by myself or with one other person at most.

Now a little background on the situation: My wife and I have joined a church plant in Stillwater, OK. She is the Childr