• Redeemer Stillwater

Flashlights in the Sun

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

I have been serving in full-time ministry for over 10 years now. In that time I have become more and more aware that many Christians struggle with feelings that they aren’t useful for the kingdom. They feel second rate, and in many cases have concluded that this must be their lot in life. They often compare themselves to other believers who seem to be giants in the faith, and think to themselves that they could never be that close to Jesus. They hear amazing missionary stories and salvation stories, and while they love those things and get excited sense that this will never be true of them. Many of these folks are faithful to worship on Sundays with the church, serve the church, go to small groups, bible studies conferences, mission trips, etc., but it all seems in vain to them because they still don’t have those amazing stories and feelings that they actually matter in the kingdom. There are probably many reasons for these feelings, but I want to focus on one that I believe is a large reason.

If you were to go outside during a sunny, summer day and shine a flashlight into the sun, do you think you would be able to see the flashlight? The answer is a huge NO. The light of the sun swallows the light of your flashlight, and it seems insignificant and useless. If someone were to write off the flashlight at that point and call it worthless, that would be a foolish mistake. The flashlight was not designed to light up bright spaces, rather to light up the darkness. My point is this, the many Christians who feel worthless in the kingdom need to stop shining their light in bright places and go to the darkness. So many of us focus all our energies on Christianizing our lives. Everything we do is with Christians. We go to bible study after bible study. We go to conference after conference. We go to church every Sunday. We have only Christians over for dinner. We join the Christian sports program. We go to the Christian coffee shop. We wear only Christian clothing. We only listen to Christian music. Then at the