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Ecclesiastes Devotional Guide: Week 9

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

*Every week during our 12 week series in the book of Ecclesiastes we will post a devotional guide that week for the passage that was preached on the most recent Sunday. We encourage you to engage this book of the Bible more fully by walking through this devotional each week after having listened to the sermon on Sunday.*

Week 9- Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

You don’t know the future.

This is a statement that is so self evident that it hardly needs to be stated. And yet Solomon says it four times in Ecclesiastes 11:1-6. You don’t know what joys God has in store for you and you don’t know what calamities will strike you (Eccl. 11:2). You don’t know what plans you have that will come to fruition or what hard work will pay off (Eccl. 11:6). You don’t know if your life will take a sharp turn from what you thought it would look like or when that may happen. You don’t know what trials lay ahead of you. You don’t know the future.

And this is exactly how God has ordered things. In His wisdom and sovereignty He has kept