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Ecclesiastes Devotional Guide: Week 4

*Every week during our 12 week series in the book of Ecclesiastes we will post a devotional guide that week for the passage that was preached on the most recent Sunday. We encourage you to engage this book of the Bible more fully by walking through this devotional each week after having listened to the sermon on Sunday.*

Week 4—Ecclesiastes 4:1-5:7

Discordant human relationships are a consequence of the Fall that we all experience on a daily basis. Because of sin we are estranged from both God and one another. We do not always respect the imago dei in others and, therefore, don’t relate to, care for, or treat people as we should. We get hurt by people, and we hurt people. And this happens on a global scale. No one makes it through this life without seeing how sin has impacted human relationships.

This is the main topic that Solomon tackles in Ecclesiastes 4. Here we see that because of sin there are those in power who oppress others (4:1-3), there are those who are motivated in life by jealousy of others (4:4), there are those who are so discontent that they will do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it comes at great cost to themselves and those around them (4:7-8), and there are those who foolishly desire popularity and prestige, not realizing that these are fleeting because people are fickle (4:13-16). These inharmonious relationships cause some to pu