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Ecclesiastes Devotional Guide: Week 3

*Every week during our 12 week series in the book of Ecclesiastes we will post a devotional guide that week for the passage that was preached on the most recent Sunday. We encourage you to engage this book of the Bible more fully by walking through this devotional each week after having listened to the sermon on Sunday.*

Week 3- Ecclesiastes 3

Humans have a peculiar relationship to time. We are always aware of the time, and want to be aware of the time—placing clocks in every conceivable location. But we also hate feeling the pressure of “being on the clock” and racing against it. At times we love the season of life that we’re in and wish we could freeze time. But there are other times where things seem to be at their worst and we wish we could fast forward time, or go back in time to when things felt simpler or easier. We often wish we had more time, and simultaneously we don’t know what to do with the time that is given to us. We know we will die one day and our time on this earth will come to a close, but that knowledge doesn’t impact us daily. We live as if we had endless days to spare, and we often squander or waste the time we have on this earth. Ultimately, we desire to control time, but we often feel as if time is controlling us.

This is the reality for those who live “under the sun.” But our relationship to time changes when we know God. We become