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Ecclesiastes Devotional Guide: Week 11

*Every week during our 12 week series in the book of Ecclesiastes we will post a devotional guide that week for the passage that was preached on the most recent Sunday. We encourage you to engage this book of the Bible more fully by walking through this devotional each week after having listened to the sermon on Sunday.*

Week 11- Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

How would you characterize your relationship to wisdom? Wisdom can be defined as knowledge of God’s truth rightly applied to all of life. Being truly wise means that we will be rightly related to God and to the world He has created. Considering knowledge of the truth is necessary for wisdom, maybe your pursuit of wisdom looks like constantly devouring the newest philosophies and ideologies. You feel like you must know everything about everything under the sun in order to acquire wisdom, so you are constantly reading and studying. You boast of your personal library and how many of those books you have actually read. Maybe you have looked to God and His word for wisdom and genuinely possess it, but you are more of an armchair sage who doesn’t actually live out the knowledge you have

acquired—your wisdom is more theoretical than practical. Whatever measure of wisdom you have is passive, not active. Or maybe you do not pursue wisdom at all. You may or may not commend such a pursuit, but when you look at your life you see that knowledge and understanding about the things of God do not really matter to you. Regardless of which camp you fall in to, Solomon has something to say to all of us in Ecclesiastes 12:9-14.