• Redeemer Stillwater

Come to the Ocean

I have nothing.

There, I said it.

This has been a hard season for me. I’m dry, brittle. My tank is empty; I’m running on fumes. Now that I’ve given you a good visual of my current spiritual state, maybe I should explain why I feel this way.

Recognizing My Need

Subconsciously, I’ve considered myself to be superhuman—able to be and do everything on my own. I’ve committed to working three jobs, commuting two hours each day, studying (because I’m still a student), attending social engagements, and somehow remaining sane through it all. I’ve filled my time with so much that I haven’t had more than a couple of silent seconds to myself at the end of the day. And those seconds happen to be the ones right before I fall asleep, hours past when I needed to be in bed. Eating real food and making sure I am presentable enough to be seen in public have been seriously challenging. But the thing in my life that has suffered the most is my time with God.