• Redeemer Stillwater

Come to Me

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

God knows you. All of you. Think about that for just a second. There is not a quirk about you that he doesn’t know. There’s not one moment of your past present, or ever your future, that he does not know. He knows everything about you. This is a terrifying thought for many reasons. All that you have hidden from those around you, are out in the open before God. No secrets. Nothing hidden. Before God we are all 100% exposed.

Deep down we all know this, yet we all work in vain day-to-day to cover ourselves up. We find people and things each day to affirm who we wish we were, while at the same time using these people and things to cover up our shame and guilt. We have taken very good things that God has given for our enjoyment, and we have made them gods to serve and affirm our lives. We simply cannot bear the thought that we are completely exposed before our Creator, so like our first parents, Adam and Eve, we cover with “fig” leaves, go to hiding from God, and then ultimately blaming him when we are found out. This is an exhausting, futile, never ending cycle. We work for salvation, yet the cycle continues. We work hard to make a way to bring relief in our lives, yet the cycle continues. Ultimately, we all realize there is no rest for us. No peace. No satisfaction. Some completely give up, yet others double down and work harder.

What’s crazy about all this craziness, is that the God who completely knows us is offering us rest, peace, satisfaction, and salvation. That makes no sense to us. Why would God, whom we have eternally offended, offer us all that we are longing for in life? This is not the q