• Redeemer Stillwater

Apostle's Creed Apologetics: Did God Design The Universe? Part One

Over the years NASA has sent four different robotic vehicles to Mars called rovers. These rovers have produced images of the surface of Mars that give NASA greater information about this planet as they try and understand its geological history and climate. They also want to see how this planet compares to earth and see if Mars does, has ever, or could potentially host life. Imagine if the next series of images from the current Mars rover Curiosity showed a biosphere, which is an enclosed habitat that can host life. Imagine further that Curiosity was able to get inside that biosphere and found that there is a control room with a series of dials that were all set to specific points so that everything inside the biosphere was perfect for its inhabitants. The rest of the surface of Mars is not ideally conducive to supporting life, so the biosphere’s construction and settings had to be exactly right. Were this to happen, head scientists at NASA would not assume that this biosphere had always existed or that it came about by chance. They would conclude rather quickly that an intelligent agent built this biosphere and finely-tuned the dials to promote the existence of life within it.(1)

In a similar fashion, all of the “dials” of the universe have been finely-tuned to permit and sustain life. Given this, would it not appear evident that this reality reflects a grand Designer?