• Redeemer Stillwater

Apostle's Creed Apologetics: Can You Be Good Without God?

Every person has a moral compass. This is an individual’s ability to discern between right and wrong and act accordingly. They have a standard that encourages or curbs behaviors so they can try and meet the standard as closely as possible. This compass directs their beliefs, values, and actions in life just as a compass points someone north so they can find their bearings and head in the right direction. It helps them to navigate in this world just as a compass helps the hiker navigate unsure and unfamiliar terrain toward a desired destination. And the moral compasses of individuals inform the moral compass of cultures.

All cultures throughout history have had a standard of good and bad, right and wrong. They also have had an explanation for that standard. Whether they believe the standard came from God, human beings, nature, society, genetics, or some other place, all cultures have believed some behaviors are good and others bad. But where does this standard come from? Where do governments derive the principles and laws that are to govern society and promote the good of humanity? What is the foundation for decent human behavior?

Moral Consensus