• Redeemer Stillwater

5 Opportunities During the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus initially began spreading within more and more American cities, many of us were seeing the restrictions and closures taking place elsewhere and hoping that they did not come near us. But now our fears have been realized. Bars and restaurants are shut down with the possible exception of delivery or carry out. Businesses deemed non-essential are not in operation. Offices are closing their doors and requiring employees to work from home. We are all quarantined at home, asked only to go out when absolutely necessary. Days, relationships, hobbies, entertainment, sports, everything looks different than it did a couple of months ago. Closures and restrictions seem to have stolen our freedom, and we are both mourning the losses while trying to make the most of a difficult situation. But we are all ultimately longing and waiting for them to be lifted and life to return to normal. And while I too long for those things, I do not necessarily see all of the closures as devoid of opportunity. This is not merely an attempt to have a positive attitude when given negative circumstances. Rather, it is seeing how restrictions that are unfavorable in some ways create favorable circumstances in other ways. This pandemic can be a time of growth if we allow it.

I see at least 5 opportunities this coronavirus pandemic offers us.

1. The opportunity to reflect on our beliefs

Difficult circumstances can cause us to lean in to our beliefs, re-eva