Bryan was born and raised in Waco, TX. He received a Bachelor in Speech Communications from Oklahoma State University (2002). He is married to Abbey (OSU grad 2007), and is Daddy to Judson, Lydia, Isobel, and Hazel. Bryan’s biggest hobbies are his family, laughing, and sports. He hopes to live life in such a way that when he dies his life does not end with a period, rather a comma because his story was always pointing to the Greater story, the Story whose ending is seen in Habakkuk 2:14. In previous years, Bryan has served on staff with various ministries and churches. Bryan’s primary job and passion has been to educate and equip followers of Jesus to live their lives connected to God’s global purposes. He believes planting churches is God’s primary way to make Christ known through the Gospel as well as make disciples of all peoples.