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Week 6

Delight in Christ

  • God is good and blesses us with so many wonderful gifts in life that bring happiness and joy. But our ultimate source of delight will always be in Christ alone. The joys of this world are but a dim shadow compared to the fullness of joy He brings us. The goal of this week is for us all to remember and rest in the fact that Jesus is the joy of our salvation and our ultimate source of delight. He blesses us with so many gifts that bring us joy, and we want the enjoyment of these gifts to only cause us to delight in Him all the more.

  • Formational Practice: Joy List

  • Begin writing a list of all of the good blessings you have received from God that bring you joy and delight. Pay attention to big and small things in your life to add to the list. Write down as many things as you can think of and keep adding to your list daily. Try starting with 10 items on your joy list and add more from there. Make a game out of it and see how many things you can get on your list by the end of the week by being very intentional each day to look for blessings that bring joy. Let these blessings cause your heart to look to Jesus who is the giver of all these good gifts-He is your ultimate joy and delight. Worship Him for His goodness.

  • Other formational practice ideas: Spend time in creation

  • Get outside in God's good creation. Take a walk, setup a hammock, read outside, go stargazing. Do anything that causes you to delight in God by delighting in His creation.

  • Communal practice ideas:

  • Enjoy a meal with others.

  • Do something fun with others.

  • GC ideas: Share with each other about times in your walk with God when you have particularly experienced Him. What were they like? How did they impact you? What do you want to take with you from those times into your present day life?

  • Game night or something else fun together!

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