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Week 4

Make Time for God

  • It is astounding that the God of all creation not only chooses to save and adopt us in Christ, but wants to spend time with us. He wants us to cast our anxieties, worries, and burdens upon Him, and for us to make our requests known to Him because He cares for us. He also wants to tell us of his loving heart for us, and for us to experience His great love. He wants our hearts to be conformed to His heart. All of these things happen when we spend time with God in prayer, and God invites us to pray to Him. However, prayer does not just happen. We have to be intentional to pray. But many of us struggle to make time for God. The goal of this week is to make time for God in prayer each day. This will require intentionality and saying "no" to other things so that we can say "yes" to God.

  • Formational Practice: Prayer

  • There are many different ways to pray. I encourage you to pray this week in ways that are familiar to you, and in ways that are new to you.

  • Some ideas for ways to pray:

  • Pray through a passage of Scripture (Psalm 23, the Lord's Prayer, etc.)

  • Fixed-hour prayers (ex: morning, noon, evening)

  • Here is a guide to praying fixed-hour prayers with example prayers you can pray:

  • You can also utilize the Book of Common Prayer's Daily Office to pray fixed-hour prayers.

  • Other formational practice ideas: Scripture memorization

  • Communal practice ideas: Organize a time of communal prayer with others.

  • Communicate in slack prayers you are praying or prayer requests you have. Share times you are praying and invite others to join you either in person or in joining with you in prayer at the same time from wherever they are. My hope this week is that there is very consistent communication about prayer requests and ways we are praying for one another, our church, our city, etc.

  • GC ideas: Time of prayer together using any prayer format.

  • Prayer walk together.

  • Go to a physical location together (school, neighborhood, etc.) and pray for God's Kingdom to come in the lives of the people at that location.

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